One single small device capable to capture and process objective data of PD motor symptoms in home-environment conditions,
and automatically generates user friendly reports easy to read.



Your STAT-ON™ Holter is really easy manage. Each device can set up several patients, and you can manage several devices through one single APP. Only 3 steps are needed in order to use STAT-ON™ in your clinical practice or clinical trial.

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Connect and Configure It

The neurologist or health professional configures the device by entering 3 values according to the patient's profile. (Age, Hoehn & Yahr, and leg length)

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Monitoring at Home

The patient wears the device at home for 7 days (recommendation). The device does not require any interaction from the patient.

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Download the Report

Once the monitoring period is over, and in few seconds, the neurologist or professional downloads the patient's report via Bluetooth (BLE).


Knowing the PD patients state should be easy and fast. But many times the information provided by them in the doctor office, or using questionnaires and diaries, are inaccurate and subjective.

STAT-ON™ replaces the old methodologies, saving time and costs of the office visits, and gives more and better information. It’s easier, and faster.

One single & small device

Usability is important. That is why we put all our motion detection technology in one device.

Ambulatory monitoring

Reduces hospitalizations and institutionalizations. Gives information of the patient in daily life conditions.

Strong data protection

All collected data are stored in the device and automatically deleted once the report is downloaded.

Automatic reports

The reports are downloaded automatically and in few seconds through the APP.

7 days autonomy

The patient does not have to worry about anything during the days of monitoring. Just wear it, it's that simple.

Easy to manage

The device is charged wirelessly in 3-4 hours, and communicates with the application via Bluetooth.



Registers the patient's ON-OFF states (green-red), including intermediate states (yellow).


Identifies the dyskinesias presented by the patient and are graphically represented with a horizontal magenta line.

Freezing of Gait

Detects episodes of FoG. Its presence is indicated with a black circle.

Medication Intake

Allows manual registration every time the patient takes the medication (black vertical line).


Records falls using an advanced algorithm capable of discriminating between 20 different types of real falls.

Gait Parameters

Evaluates different key parameters to determine the quality of patient’s movement.


The STAT-ON™ Holter monitors and records the most relevant motor symptoms related to Parkinson's Disease. Below, you can find some examples of the graphs that are part of each downloaded report.

Patient summary

Nº of episodes of FoG

ON-OFF states


% Daily time in OFF

Energy expenditure

Stride Fluidity

Number of steps

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Easy to use, the STAT-ON™ application is the most effective way to know in few minutes, the motor state and symptoms of your patient. It allows to follow the evolution of the disease and the patient’s quality of life, contrasting the objective history data.

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Ambulatory Monitoring

One of the many advantages that STAT-ON ™ offers is its ambulatory use in normal patient life conditions. This allows to obtain information in home-environments according to their daily habits, and avoiding the so-called "white coat effect". Outpatient monitoring allows to collect data continuously, and for several days, without incurring extra costs and resources of the Hospital.

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Objective Measurements

Our machine learning algorithms have learned to identify the motor symptoms of PD patients with a high sensitivity and specificity. The data learned comes from the largest expert database done with PD patients as far as we know. The database, was built in 4 Hospitals in Europe and was accurately labeled by physicians, taking 1 year of work.


Don’t take our word. See what our experts says about the STAT-ON™


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Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions,
Feel free to send us an email to

Who can use the STAT-ON™ Holter?

The STAT-ON™ is a portable inertial device that monitors and reports the symptoms of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). STAT-ON™ is a medical device and only health professionals can use it. The results of the sensor can be used to adjust or evaluate a therapy, adjust the patient's medication intakes, or to evaluate the outcome of the therapy.

Who has access to the patient information?

The STAT-ON™ Holter has the ability to store the patient’s data in the internal memory of the device for a period up to one year. However, each time a report is generated and downloaded, this information will be automatically deleted from the device, cleaning up data space for new records. In this way, we ensure total protection and exclusive access to that information only to the medical professional who has the APP and the STAT-ON ™ device

How much STAT-ON™ costs?

The Holter for Parkinson STAT-ON™ offers a primary pay-per-use model. In this way, we adapt to the needs and dimension of each client, offering packs of reports that will fit your needs. The cost of acquiring the device is fixed at €960, and comes with a preload of 12 initial reports ready to use , and that which will be recharged when the customer will decide.

In which countries is STAT-ON™ available?

STAT-ON™ is a class IIa medical device, certified for the European market. The product also has been registered in each EU country member, which allows to be purchased and used in the countries that make up the European Union. STAT-ON™ is also available in other countries trough exclusive distributors. You can contact us for more information about the the availability of STAT-ON ™ in your country.


STAT-ON ™ algorithms and technology has been validated in the framework of several projects, and financed mainly by the European Union during the last 10 years. The result of this long trajectory made STAT-ON ™ the most reliable device for monitoring and detecting the motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease with a high level of usability.


We work with relevant Parkinson's Disease experts to continuously improve our technology and provide excellent technological solutions, with the aim of adding value to the doctor's medical diagnosis, and improving the patient’s quality of life.

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Àngels Bayés

Uparkinson Teknon-Quirón Barcelona

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Diego Santos

CHUAC Coruña

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Nuria Caballol

Consorci Sanitari Integral Barcelona

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Jorge Hernández Vara

Hospital Vall d’Hebron Barcelona

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Juan Carlos Gómez

Instituto Biocruces - Bilbao


STAT-ON™ is the result of continuous research and development of our experts in artificial intelligence, electronics, and robotics, in collaboration with neurologists specialized in Parkinson’s Disease, combining European programs and private funds.

TODAY +40 Hospitals +100 Neurologists +1000 Pacients
July 2019

Production and Commercialization

June 2019

Medical Device Class IIa EU Certificate


SME Instruments Phase II

STAT-ON product development APPS Development Industrialization


SME Instruments Phase I

Viability study
Business model



150 patients
ON / OFF algorithm validation
Inertial Database at Home


Initial Projects MoMoPa I

Understanding the inertial signals in PD symptoms and extraction of first results



Choose the STAT-ON ™ mobile application acording to your smartphone or tablet operating system. You can also download the User’s manual and the most relevant publications and scientific documents of STAT-ON ™

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